Friday, June 14, 2013

synthetic turf excellent properties make rapid development in China

synthetic turf excellent properties make rapid development in China

Excellent features to make synthetic turf in China developed rapidly, although it's popular in China than in Europe 10 years later, but users in a very short period of time they accepted it. In 1990, only about 10,000 square meters of synthetic turf stadium, from 1997 to 1999 entered the Chinese application area two years to grow to 500,000 square meters ,2000-2001 rapidly developing application area of ​​1.5 million square meters. 2002-2003 Application area reached more than 300 million square meters, which is exactly the same development curve with plastic track and plastic runway together quickly and become a new standard for school sports venues. In Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities for the pilot, the government's education and sports department has developed a plan for synthetic turf be vigorously promoted. In addition to schools, many of our sports centers, such as: Beijing, Xian Nong Tan, Dong Dan, to the altar, the sun and so has used the synthetic turf as the main stadium.

Currently, synthetic turf has been well received by the school, organizational units, stadiums and other public places of all ages. Also, because the synthetic turf carpet not only non-slip, dust, easy to clean, and the shape of real grass, a green feeling, now become a common upholstery, and get ordinary people's favorite, therefore, synthetic turf market prospects are widely good, which is the domestic synthetic turf manufacturers continue to emerge, the reason why the industry has developed rapidly. synthetic turf can be used in outdoor weather, almost no rain and snow weather; maintenance is simple, is the irreplaceable natural turf, while low cost, low maintenance costs, which are widely used.

synthetic turf

synthetic turf grass industry solve the birth day of the year class sports venues can use high frequencies, heat and cold regions around the world use, low cost and convenient maintenance and other issues, so the synthetic turf has become a variety of sports and leisure venues best surface materials, and get FIFA, FIH, Network Alliance, the United Kingdom and the United States Football League and other institutions recognized and has been used in many international famous football club training ground, and even be allowed to use in the major world-class venue.

At that time our country was subject to foreign synthetic turf fibers exclusion, therefore, from around 2001, China began using imported raw materials, finished products assembled in the country, while the domestic industry has no uniform testing standards. Shanghai is currently only developed on the special monitoring of outdoor sports venues normative documents, in fact, the quality of artificial turf on the market is uneven, the school in the introduction, there may ignore this. To say that in China that the synthetic turf market is quite broad, it can invest a good project.

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