Sunday, June 2, 2013

A new generation of synthetic grass is used for airport

A new generation of synthetic grass is used for airport
In the United States one pair of airport staff research survey showed that the use of artificial turf system can greatly improve airport security.

1 synthetic grass surface does not provide the water needed for wildlife, food, or hiding place, thereby reducing the impact of wildlife on the airport, eliminating wildlife damage to the aircraft.

2 so that the runway shoulder more robust, to ensure aircraft safety, eliminating the aircraft skidded off the runway into the soft natural turf potential hazards and the resulting costs incurred.

3 reduce soil erosion.

4 Reduce gas shock on soil erosion.

5 to improve the drainage capacity.

6 enhanced vision, to ensure pilots can clearly distinguish between the runway and the synthetic grass.

7 simplifies turf management, do not send another person to the airport operating area of synthetic grass for maintenance, improves the overall airport security, but also reduces the use of herbicides and pesticides, the environmental pollution and lawn maintenance costs.

8 reduce FOD (Foreign Object Debris) damage to aircraft, virtually eliminating FOD threat to flight safety.

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